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Tell us how you, your company or another NAIOP member  or firm has responded creatively during these uncertain times to support others.

Category 1: Landlord Support & Commercial/Residential Property Management

How did your company assist tenants/owners to sustain their businesses? 

Category 2: Community Involvement

How did your company give back to the community?

Category 3: Employee Engagement

How did your company support your employees?

Category 4: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Response

How has your company worked to respond to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues within the CRE industry?

Category 5: Individual Impact

Have you or do you know a NAIOP member who responded creatively to improve conditions during 2020? 


Participants in each category will be awarded points based on the following criteria. Initiatives with the most points will win each category.

  • Concept/ Design/ Creativity

  • Impact/Benefit

  • Difficulty of Achievement

  • Post-COVID Sustainability/ Innovation

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